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Pre-Event Excursions for Jordan Travel Conference Highlight Near East’s Adventurous Side

The Adventure Travel Trade Association is excited to announce details about the adventurous pre-conference excursions for delegates attending AdventureNEXT Near East. The event, being held 15-17 May 2017 on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, is the first adventure travel conference of its kind in the region, and the pre-adventure offerings promise to highlight the best the region has to offer. Read More

Adventure Travel News


Crystal Guests to Explore Land of Wadi Rum and Bedouin Camps in Exclusive President's Excursion

Guests aboard Crystal Symphony's 2017 President's Cruise will be treated to special receptions and other experiences on board the ultra-luxury ship and ashore, hosted by Crystal's Chairman, CEO and President Edie Rodriguez. The culmination of these exclusive events will begin in coordination with a President's Excursion from Aqaba into the fabled desert wilderness of Wadi Rum and an immersive glimpse into the region's Bedouin tribes during an authentic dinner feast. Read More

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9 Destinations Every Adventurous Woman Should visit in 2017.png

9 Destinations Every Adventurous Woman Should Visit in 2017

Kara Mercer took a trip along the Jordan Trail, and what she discovered was not hostility, but a staggering hospitality. The video she captured was breathtaking. The trip looks incredible, and not just because Jordan's a beautiful place - but because it's full of beautiful people too.


The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

Outdoor lovers, trekking enthusiasts, and pilgrims looking for an alternative to Spain’s legendary Camino de Santiago should consider a trip to Jordan. After five years of work by 40 volunteers, the 370-plus-mile Jordan Trail was recently completed, connecting the country’s very diverse landscapes, from the Mediterranean-feeling villages of the north to the dramatic Jordan Rift Valley and the Red Sea.


36 Hours in Amman, Jordan

Amman is often a pit stop on the way to Petra, but there are enough old and new flavors to keep visitors satisfied for a weekend. For a city smack in the middle of an ancient region, Amman can be charmingly modern. Its rolling hills and tolerant attitude have long been a refuge for displaced Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian neighbors, and a base for nongovernmental organizations. It is also home to a worldly creative class, increasingly inserting Western trends, like a Manhattan-style speakeasy, into the fold.

36 Hours in Amman


17 Best Places to Visit in 2017

If the threat from Middle East instability is enough to strain the cash registers on the high streets of London and the boulevards of Paris, spare a thought for Jordan. Despite its proximity to the world's most troubled region, it's still considered relatively safe. And there's even more to attract visitors this year: Amman has been named the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2017 and -- with a wealth of historic sites that stretch back to the inception of Islam -- it is set to showcase some of the glories of Islamic culture and art.
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This is Where You Should Travel in 2017

In November British journalist Amelia Gentleman wrote an eye-opening story about travel to Jordan, a country overlooked by vacationers (tourism has dropped more than 60 percent in the past five years) as wars and skirmishes in neighboring countries have made headlines. The famous lost city of Petra dates to 300 BC and was an uncredited star of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Massive structures are carved into rock formations in a manner so impressive that Smithsonian Magazine placed it on of its “28 Places to Visit Before You Die” UNESCO called it “one of the most spectacular locations in man’s cultural heritage.”

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9 Reasons Jordan Should be on Your Bucket List

What do the lowest point on earth, Roman ruins, lost cities, martian landscapes, and a wonder of the world have in common? Well, they all exist within the borders of Jordan. This relatively small Middle Eastern country has a lot to offer those who visit. Even with so many attractions, Jordan still misses the map of most travelers. Bad news for them, but good news for you, because a slump in tourism means you can have more of Jordan’s top sites like Petra all to yourself. We’re going to show you why it needs to be on your bucket list—here are our top 9 reasons.

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10 New Travel Trends to Embrace in 2017

Machu Picchu is now notoriously overcrowded; gondola rides in Venice are an overpriced cliché. Swap the obvious bucket list sights for destinations that have slipped off the radar, and you’ll beat the crowds. Start with Jordan: you can see the main sights in about a week, including Petra, which you might remember from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (it's aged as well as Harrison Ford), and Wadi Rum, spotted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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8 Hikes That Could Change Your Life

The mountains and desert terrain of southwest Jordan are not to be taken lightly. Considered one of the best hikes in the Middle East, this epic trek takes you through gorges, ridges, rocky terrain, and past stunning temples and tombs carved into pink sandstone cliffs. There are different routes for every experience level — a six-day trek would take you through the beautiful scenery of Dana Nature Reserve along the Jordanian desert and into the ancient Bedouin migration route that leads through the mountains to Petra, a famous archaeological city, much of which is still underground. A must-see among the city’s 800-plus monuments: Al-Khazneh, a Greek-style temple, mausoleum and crypt that was built at the beginning of the first century A.D.

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