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Jordan Tourism Board North America

The Jordan Tourism Board North America (JTBNA), a division of JTB, was officially launched in 1997 to create awareness, position and market Jordan in North America. JTBNA follows the guidelines of the National Tourism Strategy and has offices in Washington D.C., Dallas and Canada and represents Jordan in trade, consumer and media events.

This webpage has been created to present you with all marketing activities, press resources, promotional materials, and partnership opportunities we have available for our North America travel industry partners, in an effort to enhance your business to Jordan, increase exposure to your brand and keep you up-to-date with the latest news and updates on tourism developments, events and much more.  


Malia Asfour - Director 

“Boss-lady” is our very own director, Malia Asfour. Her longtime familiarity with the travel industry started back in 1995 when she began handling tourism for the Jordanian government in the United States as tourism attaché in Washington, DC. She was a key participant in creating the country’s first tourism office in North America, which was launched in 1997. Now eighteen years later, her experience is unparalleled. 

Malia is responsible for putting Jordan on the map and in the minds of North Americans as an alluring travel destination. She is truly the face of Jordan’s warmth and hospitality, drawing people to her like a magnet when she walks into a room. A mentor to many, and mother hen to our staff, she is driven by a passion for her family that can be seen not only at home, but also in the office. Her compassion and motivation are contagious, contributing to the close, cohesive nature of our team. Strong, creative, assertive, determined, and charismatic—these are just a handful of words we would use to describe this trailblazing leader in the travel industry. Clearing new paths every day, her knowledge in the field and will to succeed are the perfect combination for going after and reaching what she knows is best for everyone. Malia currently serves on the board of directors of the National Tourism Association (NTA); The Faith Travel Association (FTA); Tourism Cares; Petra National Foundation (PNF) and she is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) Advisory Board. 

Follow her on Twitter - @MaliaAsfou


Joey Angeles – Office Director

IIf you were to combine every essential trait of a functioning and productive workplace, what would you get? The marvelous Joey Angeles: he is our go-to man, the person you can and should call if you need anything—he’ll be there to help you with great skill and patience. Joey is a Jack of all trades here in our office, managing everything from finances, accounting, promotional material and information, to generally keeping the team organized. To name him the Office Mayor would not be an exaggeration. Beneath his quiet demeanor lies a witty comedian, often the source of much-needed humor and fits of laughter. Joey is also a mountain biker, hiker, backpacker and an overall adventurer who is up for any challenge that may come his way.

janine jervis

Janine Jervis – Communications Director

With vast experience in global travel and tourism since 2007, Janine Jervis serves as our deputy director. Originally from Jamaica, Janine brings a passion for tourism and although not her native home she has a love for all things Jordan, having been with JTBNA and adventuring through Jordan for 13+ years!

Janine is an instrumental member of the JTBNA team as the head of Public and Media Relations, and along with our dynamic team oversees the execution of the overall marketing strategy in the North American market. She is skilled at building and maintaining long-term relationships with major industry partners and media players to develop strategy, programs, and content to achieve goals. A skilled collaborator on brand marketing campaigns, working with production companies on travel shows, and working with travel media on storytelling and content creation, to name a few, Janine is a great resource to help facilitate future partnerships and travel to Jordan. Some of Janine's favorite experiences in Jordan are sleeping under the stars in Wadi Rum, the Dana Nature Reserve and Feynan, exploring the wide open desert with local Bedouins and breaking bread with them and adventuring through Jordan's many canyons. 

Follow her on Instagram- @Jamaykey

omar banihani

Omar Banihani – Marketing Director

The Negotiator! Yes, that is our own Omar Banihani, he is simply the best negotiator in town and he will definitely get what he wants, always putting Jordan first. Omar loves to be challenged and is always up for anything new. He loves to create campaigns that are integrated with many moving parts and will be persistent until he gets it perfect and his way! Omar stumbled into JTBNA as an intern and quickly worked his way up to become the Chief Negotiator and head of travel agent outreach with a Master’s Degree in Tourism Administration from George Washington University. Omar loves a good party and is always surrounded by friends. He is the “life of the party” at industry events and after events and his passion is infectious. If you need anything, call Omar and he will make sure you get what you want and need! Fun, funny, passionate and remember if you want a challenge, come negotiate with Omar!


Zina Ammari - Trade Partnerships Manager & Faith market Expert

Before coming to the US, Zina Ammari worked closely with local communities in Jordan, and her passion for economic development became undeniable. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Tourism from the Lebanese American University, she understood how tourism plays an integral part in the economic development of Jordan. With an MBA in Finance from George Mason University, and 3 years of experience in Corporate America, she was able to integrate her knowledge, skills and love for travel and economic development into her role as a Trade Partnerships Manager, and an expert in the faith market for 6+ years. The role focuses on building strategic partnerships with tour operators and the media, (with local communities being at the heart of any discussion), to inspire and excite as many people as possible to travel to Jordan, show them what this country has to offer, and in the process, change the lives of those who mostly need it.

Zina has played in the women's basketball national team of Jordan for 12 years, and was from the very first people to ever skydive over Jordan.

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