From skydiving to hiking and everything in between. The possibilities are endless in Jordan. 


From skydiving to hiking and everything in between. The possibilities are endless in Jordan. 


From skydiving to hiking and everything in between. The possibilities are endless in Jordan. 


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Your adventure is waiting.

Your thirst for thrills has been held in check by fear – whether it’s an aversion to exotic places or a feeling in your stomach when you think about tall heights. You may not be ready for deep-water diving or BASE jumping when you arrive, and that's ok, because Jordan has an adventure for everyone's thirst. You’ll be surprised at how Jordan can inspire and change a traveler. 

Jordan offers ways to expand your comfort zone without sacrificing comfort. The wealth of activities and quality accommodations allows you to start small and grow bolder as you discover your inner adventure film star — here are just a few points you can stop at on your next excursion.

Start planning your once in a lifetime adventure today. You’ll return home a different person, richer for the risks and challenges you faced during your trip.

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The Jordan Trail

The Jordan Trail is a long distance hiking trail in Jordan connecting the length of Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. Offering 40 days of hiking over more than 650 kilometers of trail, and travelling through 75 villages and towns on its way. The trail traverses the diverse landscapes and vistas of the country, from the rolling wooded hills of the north, the rugged wadis and cliffs overlooking the Jordan Rift Valley, the rose rock of Petra, the dramatic sands and towering mountains in Wadi Rum, to the crystal waters of the Red Sea. For more information about planning a trip to the Jordan Trail, check out the Jordan Trail Association.

Visit the Jordan Trail Association
Download the Jordan Trail Map

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There is no better way to explore a place than to walk through it, one step at a time. Hiking takes you off the beaten path, far away from souvenir stalls and sign-posted tourist attractions, dropping you right into the heart of the country.” — Andrew Evans, Author, Travel Writer & TV Host. 

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Over the past year, the adventure travel industry in Jordan has seen a significant amount of growth. The interest and enthusiasm local operators have shown for learning all they can about innovative business practices in settings such as AdventureEDU trainings is evidence of their commitment and motivation for developing more adventure opportunities in the area.” - Manal Kelig, ATTA Executive Director — Middle East & North Africa

Curtas Ramsey-Lucas

To saunter in such places, to take in the wonder of them, is to open oneself to the experience of those who have come before us, to understand in some small measure their struggle and striving, their sorrows and joys.” - Curtis Ramsey-Lucas, Editor of The Christian Citizen


AdventureELEVATE Near East

Building on the success of ATTA’s AdventureNEXT Near East branded event held in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the newly branded AdventureELEVATE Near East will convene an international audience of outbound tour operators, travel advisors, and media ready to build relationships with regional inbound operator suppliers from Jordan and surrounding countries. Come meet that perfect partner, discover that untold story, and find that untapped strategy for growing your business — all against Jordan’s historic and natural backdrop.

AdventureELEVATE Near East 2023

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