Media Application Form

Journalists seeking to participate in JTBNA press tours must be pre-approved. All journalists should also agree to publish at least one report about Jordan within six months to one year of the press tour. If you are a freelancer, a letter of assignment from an editor is preferred as well (online or print). If you are writing for more than one publication, please indicate the information in this form.

By submitting my media registration form, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms stated in the JTBNA press trip policy. Please carefully review this policy as it includes important Covid-19 travel requirements.



NOTE: Participating journalists must have a passport that does not expire within six months from date of travel. If you have any medical conditions that will prevent you from easily walking for extended periods at some of the sites, it is in the best interest of the group and yourself that we ask you not to apply for this press tour.