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Jordan - Nature’s best kept secret!
Jordan is a country of outstanding biodiversity. It is an extremely diverse land, from pine clad mountains, lush green valleys, wetlands and oasis to the breathtaking desert landscape of Wadi Rum and the beautiful underwater world of the Red Sea. It has nine protected areas that are managed by the local people and supervised by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.

Join us for an Eco & Nature trip around Jordan and learn about the geographic diversity of the land, the animals and the flora of Jordan. Enjoy the silence of the Desert and the greenery of the forests while learning about this ancient land of wonder.


Day 1: Amman - Overnight in Amman


Wake up in sunny Amman, a city built on seven hills, and visit the museums, the citadel, the Roman Theatre, taste the local cuisine in downtown Amman and enjoy a stroll down Rainbow Street. Make sure to stop at Wild Jordan for one of your meals and take in the view of this incredibly old inhabitant city. Walk down the old steps into the city; listen and feel the heartbeat of this ancient land.

Day 2: Azraq Wetland Reserve


Drive Northeast to Azraq and along the way visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Qusair Amra, one of Jordan’s many desert castles, with beautiful examples of both early Islamic art and architecture. If time allows, visit some of our other desert castles along the way. Then stop at the infamous black basalt fort at Azraq, the headquarters of Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt. Afterwards, take a tour of the Azraq Wetlands, a heaven for birdwatchers. While there, visit the museum and learn about the Azraq Killifish (Aphanius sirhani), the only true endemic vertebrate species indigenous to Jordan. Restoration work has been done on its habitat, in order to protect the species from extinction and has greatly increased the numbers of killifish in their natural habitat. Don’t forget your binoculars so that you can watch how the Azraq Water Buffalo interact and play in the water.

Shawmari Wildlife Reserve - Overnight in Azraq


After lunch take a safari vehicle and learn about the re-introduction of the Arabian Ibex and Oryx at the Shawmari Wildlife Reserve.


Check into the Azraq Eco-Lodge, an old military hospital that has been turned into a wonderful eco-friendly lodge and enjoy the local cuisine from the Northern parts of Jordan. Tour the local handicraft center where all products that are made are eco-friendly and are made to help sustain the lodge and the local people.

Day 3: Jerash - Ajlun Nature Reserve - Overnight in Ajlun


After Breakfast at the Azraq lodge, drive west to the Ancient Greco-Roman City of Jerash and tour some of the most magnificent sites of this Pompeii of the East. Taste some of the local cuisine of Jerash and then drive 30 minutes north of Jerash to Ajlun Castle, built by one of Saladin's generals in 1184 AD to control the iron mines of Ajlun, and to deter the Franks from invading Ajlun. Roam around this ancient city and afterwards take a tour of the Ajloun Nature Reserve, try the local flavors from the Biscuit House, learn Arabic Calligraphy at the Calligraphy House and watch the locals make soap at the Soap House. All local products are made by the local villagers, using natural ingredients from the surrounding land. Spend the night in one of the log cabins in the Ajlun Nature Reserve and don’t forget to wake up early to watch the animals visit the watering holes. If you are lucky you will see the Grey Squirrel!

Day 4: Ma’in Hotsprings - Mujib Nature Reserve - Overnight at Wadi Mujib


Drive south towards the Ma’in hot springs and along the way peek into the Church of St. George to get a glimpse of the most ancient mosaic map of the Holy Land. Then head east to the Ma’in hot springs and indulge yourself in this natural spa! Enjoy the sunset at the Dead Sea panorama before checking into the Mujib Chalets on the coast of the Dead Sea. In the morning, float on the Dead Sea and go hiking on one of the many trails in Wadi Mujib and if you are not afraid of heights, repel down a 20m waterfall!

Day 5: Dana Nature Reserve – Camp & Overnight at the Rummana Campsite


Dana Nature Reserve is the only reserve in Jordan that includes the four different bio-geographical zones of the country. Tour one of the oldest villages in the world and then settle in at the beautiful Rummana campsite. Enjoy an evening of authentic cuisine by the fire, Bedouin style. Wake up early and visit the look-out to see what animals you can find. If you are lucky you will see one of the beautiful Jordanian Hyenas that have been rehabilitated and reintroduced into the wild or if you are really lucky you may spot the Caracal Cat! The beauty of this nature reserve goes as far as the eyes can see. Make sure to take time to hike and explore this world of natural treasures.

Day 6: Feynan - Overnight in Feynan


Take a 5 hour hike from Dana to Feynan if you want to experience walking through various eco systems and enjoy some local tea along the hike with your local Nature guide who will entice you with his stories about Bedouin life. Once at the infamous Feynan Eco-lodge, enjoy the incredible vegetarian cuisine and take a tour around the village. Make sure to visit the local Bedouin families to learn how to make bread, Kohl eyeliner, candles and traditional Arabic coffee. Enjoy the story telling of the Bedouins and experience first-hand their incredible hospitality. Don’t forget to visit the roof top at night because gazing at the stars is the most beautiful site. If you are lucky you will see Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and the craters on the moon with their lodge's high definition telescope!

Day 7: Wadi Rum Wildlife Protected Area - Camp & Overnight in Wadi Rum


No trip to Jordan is complete without a visit to the infamous UNESCO world heritage site Wadi Rum. Take the time to visit the Ibex and Oryx reserve and learn about these incredible animals. A trip to Wadi Rum is not complete without a hike and some time on a camel ride. Make sure to take in the stars at night as you lay by a camp fire outside your Bedouin tent and don’t forget to taste the best cuisine of Wadi Rum, Zarb, which is cooked in the ground! Oooh and tea at sunset in the middle of the desert is really a MUST!

Day 8: Aqaba - Overnight in Aqaba


The Red Sea and its surrounding pink mountains is truly one of nature’s most beautiful sites. Take a stroll on the beaches of Aqaba and make sure to take in one of the many options of water sports offered. However, the most beautiful attraction in Aqaba is the untouched coral reefs. Dive the ship wreck or snorkel in one of our reserves. Make sure to try our famous fish dish Sayadeyeh while visiting this resort town.



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